AK Drummag

  • Ich würd für ein AK-LMG Projekt ein gutes drummag suchen.

    Kommt auf eine Arcturus Centaur B. Des darf gerne wie eine Gun aus DOOM ausschaun.

    Hat da wer schon gute Erfahrungen mit gewissen Modellen gemacht?

    Battleaxe is crap und LCT soll in Ordnung sein, des is grade mein Wissensstand.



  • I own Arcturus AK12 for 2+ years already. It has exactly the same internal parts and made of the same materials. There a lot of nice features of Arcturus AK models such as spring release button near the trigger, spring change capability, good quality gears (can hold Guarder SP 130) and micro switch trigger. Played a lot with it, even in winter, temperature was -5. So i can definitely recommend .

    BTW the receiver is very close to RPK machine gun due to reinforcements from both sides .

    As for the drum, LCT is heavy weight shit, I would buy Cyma drum and just check everything and add some more grease to the mechanism.

  • Werner I used to have an Arcturus AR15

    As you said, great material, good quality, BUT a totally "different" gearbox, so no regular v2 gearbox would fit

    Did you make any similar experience with the AK?

    Centaur has modified V3 gearbox, but all spare parts are the same except the shell. However if the shell breaks you can replace it with Marui V3 or clones with minimum adjustments.
    Anyway, V3 shell is much stronger vs. V2, I don't think you will face any issues unless you install Guarder SP170 )))